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Ruthie Friedlander and Christina Grasso started their non-profit The Chain in 2017. The organization is a network of support for women in the fashion media and entertainment industries who are also struggling with eating disorders. Since the start of the non-profit, the pair have reached out to designers and brands to join in monthly get-togethers.


"We really wanted to come up with a way that people could, number one, represent being part of this community, but also I know that I personally have found so much therapeutic value in touching things when I'm feeling anxious — whether it's twisting my earring or holding onto my bracelet or turning my necklace," said Friedlander during a phone interview with Fashionista. "So, Christina and I were like, 'Wouldn't it be awesome for us to launch a jewelry line?'" 

The online marketplace Pietra launched in August of last year. It's the first fine jewelry platform of its kind, connecting consumers with a worldwide roster of designers to create the pieces they so desire.

"We came to Pietra and said to them, 'We want to create a line of chains, really simple designs, but something that we can sell to our community and our supporters. All of the proceeds will go to our organization, but we don't know where to start. All we have is our brand logo and a community of people we know will buy,'" said Friedlander.  

Ronak Trivedi is Pietra's co-founder and CEO. Trivedi describes it as an "enabling platform" for both Grasso and Friedlander to expand their creative efforts in a cost-efficient manner.


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According to Trivedi, "We can take an idea — that's literally something that's in your head or on a scratch pad — and get you right to a full e-commerce set-up. We work at the pace of the creator. It takes about 14 days of production time to get samples. So, we like to say, 'In a month, you can be up and running.' But if you want to work on a purely digital scale, you can launch in 10 to 12 days; if you want to wait for samples, then it might take closer to 21 to 25 days."

Information originally sourced from Fashionista.