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Look to the wrist of any socialite, "influencer," or local fashion maven and you are sure to find a Cartier Love bracelet. You might even find an elbow deep glimmering stack as they seem to be the new collectible bangle!  The bracelet has become an iconic representation of "forever love" for women and men alike over the years. Not surprisingly, it was the most searched jewelry item on Google last year. The design itself is steeped in history, as recently highlighted by Town and Country Magazine.
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The Love bracelet was the first design by legendary Aldo Cipullo, a pretty well-known fact. But did you know that the process took place in the Cartier New York workshop as opposed to headquarters in Paris? More interesting still, it is rumored that Cartier held a policy that the bangle could not be purchased by an individual; the bracelet was a mandated couple's venture.
The bracelet was originally made of silver and plated in gold before being offered in finer metals. At one time, Cipullo collaborated with Charles Revson, creator of Revlon, and Cartier produced a cheaper and more accessible electroplated "costume" version of the famed bracelet. 
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We've saved the best tidbit for last. The Cartier Love bracelet seems to be so popular and common that legend has it New York hospitals keep the special screwdrivers on hand in case of emergency! The bracelet is the modern "love handcuff" so we can't see that changing anytime soon.
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