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In typical Taylor Swift fashion, we've been treated to a subtle nod at her famed love life in a teaser video for the artist's new (and second) music video for the song "Delicate". 

Swift is front and center in the video, which seems to take place in a wooded area and is a stripped-down version of the first take on the song, released March 12th.  It's a far cry from the wildly produced first singles off of her album, reputation. We're especially gravitating toward a small piece of jewelry around Swift's necklace, said to be a very personal hint at a new romance.

Swift has been linked to British actor Joe Alywn for the past year. And throughout her newest album, there are tiny hints at a new boyfriend. In the song, "Call It What You Want,", Taylor sings, "I want to wear his initial on a chain 'round my neck."  So it can't be a coincidence that the necklace she's wearing has the initial, "J", can it? 


The shimmering necklace appears to be from jewelry mainstay, Tiffany and Company, and features a scrolling "J" initial in sterling silver. It's certainly a subtle and delicate item that parallels the star's love life as a whole.


Tiffany and Company initial necklace, photo courtesy of

Do you think Taylor's new Tiffany initial necklace is a nod to her secret boyfriend? Comment down below with your thoughts!