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President and CEO of Dynamic Diamonds Moshe Lax, and Ivanka Trump's former business partner in her jewelry line, recently denied that his father's estate owes around $61 million in back taxes. A suit was filed by the U.S. government on October 15th, and it is still unclear if Lax is still part of the industry and maintaining his CEO position. 

The claim was filed in New York federal court against Lax as well as several of his family members, assorted trusts and business interests. A civil complaint alleges that his late father Chaim had hidden assets from the Internal Revenue Service in order to falsify that his business was unable to pay their debts.

According to what a spokesperson said concerning Ivanka Trump in a statement given to Politico: “The issues, in this case, have nothing to do with Ivanka or the Ivanka Trump brand. These licensing arrangements were terminated by the Ivanka Trump brand in 2016, prior to Ivanka entering government service.”

Lax acted as his own attorney saying that he had “no incoming funds to hire [one],” and that he had no involvement in his father's business until his death in 2008.