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If your refrigerator is positively covered from inch to inch in hand-drawn art by your little one, if you're feeling guilty for wanting to chuck it, box it up, or otherwise let it collect dust, we've come across a wonderful, and sparkly solution.  Tasarim Takarim (I Wear Design) transforms scribbles, doodles and the like created by your babe into small pendants or bracelets of fine metal like gold and silver.  Worth more than any gold, though, you'll be able to wear one of a kind art no jewelry maven will ever come across again.


Photo courtesy of Tasarim Takarim via Huffington Post.


A collaboration between sculptor and goldsmith Ozgur Karavit and Turkish jewelry company Tasarim Takarim brings to life the little monster or fair maiden your progeny creates. We can't think of anything more endearing, more unique and more special to gift to yourself or another loved one. And it surely will inspire so much pride in your little one to see their design come to life into wearable jewelry.
Tasarim Takarim is available exclusively through Etsy. 

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