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New York City-based jewelry brand Tarin Thomas is sure to be at the Hamptons this Summer, regardless of these hard times. Behind the wheel at the business is Kylie Nakao whose HQ is located at the Montauk Beach House. The Shop x Tarin Thomas is one of the latest offerings from the brand.

When asked in an interview with what will be featured this summer at The Shop x Tarin Thomas, Nakao said, "We are super excited that we were able to open our doors with all the required safety measures in place. This is Tarin Thomas's second summer season curating The Shop x Tarin Thomas. For the 2020 summer season, TT designed a collection of pieces that are exclusive to The Shop! You can also find a wide selection of pieces from our current jewelry collections and styles. We have also brought in a number of new clothing and accessory brands that we have been looking forward to showcasing in The Shop and I am sure everyone will love."



"One of the best ways to accessorize for the summer is with jewelry! Our exclusive TT beaded pieces are a summer must-have," continued Nakao on must-haves for summer.

"Tarin Thomas is a jewelry brand based and handmade in New York City. Our jewelry mixes masculine & feminine qualities while maintaining simplicity to make a statement - we are known for our semi-precious and precious gemstones and metal combinations for both men and women. We love a good custom design project," said Nakao on what Tarin Thomas offers as a jewelry brand.

When asked what fans of Tarin Thomas can look forward to from the brand in the future, Nakao said that "ONLY TIME WILL TELL!!! We have been exploring the option of having a long-term pop up shop in the City during the off season (while we are not at the beach). We get so many requests from our local, but also national and international clients when in NYC to try on and shop the product in person. We are hoping this is an idea that can come to fruition soon!"

"We are so grateful for all of the continued support during this crazy time and appreciate each and every one of our new supporters and longtime clients," Nakao added. "We have also taken the time to give back by supporting and contributing to many well deserving charities during this time and will continue to do so."

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