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TALIA Jewelry has been making moves as of late, bringing its customizable pieces to a New York location for the first time. The experimental concept shop is at Brookfield Place in Downtown Manhattan and will feature a distinct look to lure in curious shoppers. It will be at the very heart of the bustling metropolis, nestled in across from West Street from the World Trade Center at 230 Vesey Street. The Battery Park City neighborhood should expect TALIA Jewelry's new shop to have daily hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

When the Co-Founder, and Designer of TALIA Jewelry, Tal Man came across this location, she was wandering the streets of New York after a meeting at the Conde Nast building with W Magazine.



“It was one of the coldest days last winter and we were looking for a place to have a quick bite,” said Tal Man, Co-Founder, and Designer of TALIA Jewelry. “As we entered through those glass doors, we felt a connection to the place. We loved the atmosphere, the blend of the shops and the brands…the environment and vibe are just electrifying.”

According to yesterday's press release, this experimental concept store will have some defining features such as:

    • A Design Studio giving shoppers an opportunity to customize every design from Talia’s Opus, Brio and Aria collections
    • A Physical Playground where shoppers can really get hands-on with their creations bringing their visions to reality
    • On-Site Design Specialists help shoppers define their personal style through an array of confident, vibrant and modern pendants and charms. Shoppers can even order from the website using the in-store iPads

"I’m super excited about launching our first shop," continued Man. "In our modern world, we expect all products and services to be catered to our individual wants, needs, and moods. Talia delivers on this promise letting consumers play an active role in the creative process, letting them define beauty on their own terms. Talia is what beauty feels like in the digital age."

The opening of TALIA Jewelry's newest NYC location will be celebrated on November 7th with a special grand opening event. Unique pieces will be on display for partygoers along with hors d'oeuvres and champagne.

Information originally sourced from PRWEB.