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Renowned watchmaker Pim Koeslag has had a long journey through the industry, from internships with Patek Phillipe and Grönfeld, to working on the FC-910 movement for Frederique Constant. 

“I wanted to do jewelry-making so I went to a school for it in Holland,” he said in an interview with Cool Hunting. “It was a jewelry-making/watchmaking and hand-engraving school. It was a lot of things at the same time, in the first year. We learned silversmithing—everything to create precise pieces of metal. One week after I started school I knew for sure that I wanted to be a watchmaker because watchmaking is this very exceptional experience of technique combined with design and craftsmanship.” 


“Watchmaking has existed for more than 400 years already,” said Koeslag regarding the scope of innovations within his industry. “Most people ask, ‘Because it exists for such a long time, how can anyone develop more innovations? Is there still anything left to be invented?’ I am very much of the opinion that we can go on for hundreds more years. Every time we make something we improve it. We learn from that and improve it again.”


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“In 2016, for Baselworld, we introduced the first connected Swiss watch," said Koeslag. "I had prototypes before the fair that were connecting to our phones quite well, but only up to a certain distance, then they’d disconnect. I realized I couldn’t present them like that.” Stas said they needed to find a solution and proceed as planned. An electrical engineer at Frederique Constant found a more powerful antenna but their circuit supplier said it couldn’t be done in time. So I bought a soldering tool and I refined the process and under the watchmaking microscope I soldered all 50 pieces,” Koeslag says. “It worked fine! But that same evening, when I was so devoted to the process, someone alerted me that my appointment was there—a customer for Ateliers deMonaco. I took their completed watch from the safe. It was like $150,000. I was still in my watchmaking outfit, in a different frame of mind, but I took an elevator to the second floor and presented the watch to the assistant of a president of a country. That’s the contrast I work in.”

Information originally sourced from Cool Hunting.