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Swedish designer Maria Nilsdotter has been changing the jewelry game with her fairytale-inspired work. The designer sat down with HypeBae for an interview about her creative process and more.

When asked where her interest in jewelry as well as her brand began, Nilsdotter said, "I did a foundation year in Art and Design at Central Saint Martins and got to try jewelry for two weeks, I was immediately hooked and knew that was what I wanted to continue on doing. I felt jewelry was the perfect outlet for my creativity, finally being able to realize tiny fantasy worlds. I started selling some pieces while still on my BA course at Saint Martins and my mind was always set on starting my own brand. I guess it was a mix of naivety and believing in myself. The biggest challenge by far has been making the business side work – the creative part has always been my comfort zone. I struggled by myself for many years, but now I have an amazing team and it makes all the difference."

"I always start from a theme, it can be anything really but in my head, I build a story around that theme," she said about her creative process. "I draw a lot in my sketchbook and create a world where the jewelry comes to life. Then I start carving the pieces in wax. Once it is cast and hand finished, I have the first sample model."



When asked about her favorite collections she's made so far, Nilsdotter said, "It varies a lot, sometimes I fall in love all over again with an old piece that I’ve kind of hated for a while. Some favorites stay with me like the Claw Ring which was my first ever piece back in 2006 and the Gargoyle Ring that I see as a small guardian. I’m always most into the collection I’m working on at the moment and feel that it is the best. I keep wanting to improve and develop, so I try to push myself and strive for the finish of every single piece to be more refined."

Information originally sourced from HypeBae.