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Stephen Webster and Atelier Swarovski have merged for a collaborative line of jewelry featuring lab-grown diamonds. The collection, “Double Diamond” works to advertise the eco-friendly artificial alternatives to mined diamonds, forging pieces with Swarovski-created rose quartz and recycled 14-karat gold. 



 “The Double Diamond collection for Atelier Swarovski embraces the disruption and modernity of lab-created diamonds,” Webster explained, continuing with the collection's inspiration taken from natural shapes of rough diamonds. “Inspired by the octahedron form of an uncut diamond crystal, Double Diamond is a contemporary jewelry collection uniting nature with technology and responsibly-sourced materials, to create a glamorous and provocative jewelry collection for the modern luxury consumer who is ready for change.” 

The “Double Diamond” collection by Atelier Swarovski x Stephen Webster is now available at both and the London members-only club known as The Conduit. The price range for each piece ranges from $1,990 to $11,000.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler