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In an interview with Complex, co-founders of the jewelry brand CUCHARA Edi Canedo and Chloe Li-Chapman discuss their brand and its future.

"We are here today because of our friends and community who showed up to every pop-up, event, and sample sale," said Edi and Chloe of CUCHARA when asked about the importance of collborations with other small businesses. "We love using our platform to help each other with our businesses, it’s a huge part of our success and what CUCHARA’s ethos is about. Music is also a huge part of our lives, it’s where a lot of our inspiration comes from. We sometimes wonder if our studio neighbours think we’re ok when we blast music and sing along to songs ranging from Shania Twain to Skepta. Having a music aspect included into our brand was a necessity."

"12TWELVE came to be because we saw the need for our customer to have an alternative option that was a little less trend driven and more for longevity," said the pair when asked to describe 12TWELVE. "12TWELVE provides the finishing touch to your own creativity—high quality, low intervention. We’ve had a lot of friends, male friends particularly, asking for classic, masculine-style chains and rings. This is a brand for them in a way they can relate to, separate from CUCHARA. That said, 12TWELVE is gender-neutral and we really want to encourage our customers to think of customizing their jewelry."


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While CUCHARA is best known for jewelry, Edi and Chloe have been establishing themselves as a brand beyond. When asked about future endeavors, the pair said, "We are very tied to our brand identity and want our customers to feel as if they are a part of our journey. We do not claim to be master marketers or fashion designers that know everything; we are continuously learning from our peers and through trial and error. We only put something out that we would wear or be attracted to as a consumer so we won’t produce stuff just because it’s the latest trend or everyone else is wearing it. Recently we revisited and updated our ‘Brand Board’—a mood board composed of images, text, colours etc. Doing this brought us back to think about our core values while updating and modernizing the brand aesthetic."

Information originally sourced from Complex.