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In an interview with Grazia, sustainable fashion campaigner and podcaster Venetia La Manna discusses sustainable fashion and her latest collection launch with AEG.

venetia la manna in a floral dress

When asked how these pieces came about and how they were sourced, La Manna said, "I worked closely with AEG to produce the collection as part of their new campaign, Pre-Loved with Care, which is all about caring for our clothes in the right way, so that they look and feel better for longer. AEG makes appliances that are built with technology that help us care for our clothes, keep them in our wardrobes for longer, and help reduce our impact on the environment. We then worked in collaboration with the incredible One Scoop Store, who are on a mission to make secondhand fashion more accessible by making it more affordable, and it was such a joy to work with both brands. AEG and I met with One Scoop Store’s founder, Holly, who showed us lots of different pieces to choose from, and together we decided what went into the collection based on how much we loved them, but also their fabrics, making sure that each piece has longevity if it’s cared for in the right way. We made sure there was something for everyone. So, there are some more minimal, everyday pieces in there, but also some showstopper pieces. And we're really, really excited about each one."


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"Yes, and I am evidence! I passionately believe that it's possible to live sustainably and still enjoy fashion. In fact, I enjoy fashion more now than I ever have done before. And that is because I am free from the shackles of fast fashion. I am fully aware that I’m in such a privileged position to be able to shop in a way that is slower and more considered," said La Manna when asked about how fashion and sustainability can coexist. "I have the time and I'm a relatively common size, for example. But slowing down our fashion consumption, and I think others in this fashion movement would agree with me, is really beneficial for our mental health. We all know that feeling of craving the dopamine hit you get by doing a big order online but you can still get that from buying secondhand clothing. Because you have to work a bit harder to find pieces, it's so much more rewarding."

All information originally sourced from Grazia.