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The French jewelry brand Les Georgettes by Altesse has recently opened its first-ever Paris boutique. The company launched two years ago and is now stocked at over 3,000 global retailers. The brand's new shop is a bright and colorful affair, boasting an enviable location at 11 Rue de Sévigné in the very heart of Paris’ historic Marais district.

The founder of the Altesse Group, jeweler Marius Legros, established his first jewelry workshop in 1905 near 62 Rue Charlot before making his return to his Ardèche family home in the southeast region of France.



Les Georgettes is a collaborative effort between leading French jewerly manufacturer Maison Altesse, and leather-goods manufacturer Texier, located in Brittany. France has officially regarded both of these companies as parts of its national heritage. 

The brand carries the most influence in France, then North America, the United Kingdom, and Germany. It's inventory stocks the shelves of around 1,000 French retailers.