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The The Rolex Submariner that allegedly once belonged to actor Steve McQueen was taken off of the Autumn auction block by Phillips. The company had previously announced the sale of the Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513 worn by McQueen, who then gifted it to stuntman Loren Janes in the 1970s, back in June. 



The auction house delivered an official statement on the matter, which reads: “While new information arose regarding the timing of McQueen’s gift and whether he wore the watch, we remain confident Steve McQueen gave the watch to Loren Janes based on further evidence and testimonials from people close to [both men]. Despite numerous attempts to engage in discussions with the McQueen family, making clear that Phillips was committed to offering the watch with the corrected information, the family remains unsupportive of the sale … Without the McQueen family’s support we are unable to proceed.”

The timepiece's pre-sale estimate hovered in the price range of up to $600,000. Hopefully, once the McQueen estate has reached out, the story behind the watch can be legitimized for the auction block.