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Michael Kors has introduced a brand new sterling silver line for Fall, which includes design choices involving gemstone implements, as well as 14-karat yellow gold, and 14-karat rose gold and rhodium plating.

One particularly noteworthy design element is the “Mercer Lock,” a padlock motif that is sure to be accessible with any wardrobe and time of year. The jewelry can be worn on its own or with multiple accompanying pieces.


“I’ve been sketching different takes on the letter M since I was a kid,” said Kors in a recent press release regarding the delicate letter M design in the faceting of the metalwork. “There’s something architectural about the shape of the letter that translates into a strong, glamorous graphic element.”


"Mercer" stands for the street of the same name in Manhattan, where Kors opened his first store in the downtown area. The lock comes in three different looks.


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Other pieces include Mercer Link, Kors Color, and Kors Custom, with $60 per charm and $495 for the Mercer Link necklace. The new Michael Kors collection is officially out and ready to be worn during any season.