The Spanish-based jewelry label Les Fleurs Studio is a labor of love from founder Maria Bernad. The brand includes collections of both original and vintage designs. Bernad’s love of poetry has also been a huge influence on each piece, particularly those that were written during the Romantic and Renaissance eras.

“Everything started when I got accepted in design school, I began learning more and more about fashion and its history and becoming increasingly interested in the industry,” said Bernad in an answer to Forbes regarding how she came to be part of the industry. “Simultaneously I started working as a stylist and occasionally as a model, it was like this that my relationship with brands deepened, and then through social media, I found the perfect platform to show my style, work and vision.”

“The aesthetic of Les Fleurs Studio are all my inspirations through these years, captured in one brand,” said Bernad regarding the brand’s aesthetic. “I’ve always gotten all my inspiration from nature and art in general but above all from art history. It is visible that I love the fashion from the 1700s through the end of the 1800s and all the films made about this period in history.”

When asked about the creative process that Les Fleurs Studio commits to, Bernad says that,  “Les Fleurs Studio is a brand divided by two, one part is the vintage collection. I look for the pieces myself, we restore them if necessary and organize shoots with them. Then we have the original collections all designed by me. We launch some capsule collections that are always sustainable, and then collections by season always produced with end of stock materials that are natural like silk or cotton, recycled buttons and ornaments. If there’s embroidery included in the garments, everything is done by hand. Our atelier is also a 100% sustainable, it’s a small one located in Madrid, that employs women that need a part-time job to be able to take care of their families.”

Finding the pieces by Les Fleurs Studio is as easy as clicking this link to its website.

Information originally sourced from Forbes.


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