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Aeri Go has become one of the jewelry designers to beat lately, boasting an Instagram chock full of exquisite pieces. Hailing originally from South Korea and having set up shop in San Fransisco, Go sat down with HYPEBAE to discuss her inspirations and more.

When asked how she got started as a jewelry designer, Go said, "I was always fascinated by creating things from scratch. I constantly searched for the right medium to express my creativity freely and encountered metalsmithing. I fell in love with it instantly because of the immense sentimental value and influence that a small piece of jewelry could have on someone’s mood. I had no experience in the industry nor with jewelry, but I invested a lot of time to master the skill. As daunting as it was, I savored every moment of it because I enjoyed the craft."

"One of the places I draw inspiration is from the natural beauty of Korean craftsmanship," said Go when asked how she combines her life in Seoul and San Fransisco as a way to inspire her design process. "I’m inspired by the way the hanok (traditional Korean homes) is built using an entire tree with its natural curvatures preserved, or the way dal hangari (aka moon jar) is sculpted to be asymmetrical. These are imperfections found in nature that I also find in San Francisco. The subtle, organic shapes of nature are the essence of my designs. I design my jewelry to be asymmetrical and non-uniform because these are details that make them soft to touch and visually fluid. For example, the Round and Square rings are designed based on the different shapes of pebbles. They are made to be worn together even though they don’t fit perfectly like pieces of a puzzle, but just like objects in nature, they go beautifully together."

"It is constantly evolving, but I always strive to express the welcoming warmth of nature through my aesthetic — the way nature creates space for us to feel and heal," said Go regarding the aesthetic of her jewelry brand. "I emphasize the softness through organic surfaces and advocate for the boldness through sculptural expression. I want people to feel empowered and loved when they wear my jewelry."

Information originally sourced from HYPEBAE.