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23-year-old Shahd Batal's Instagram presence has given her fans a peek into the elegant and modest styles in which she dresses. The YouTuber has now dropped a style edit with ASOS that provides a bevy of comfortable pieces.

“My style is very versatile, but I love mixing loungewear with workwear or feminine pieces with masculine pieces,” says Batal in a statement to Bustle. “Lately, I’ve been really into jewelry, so that’s what elevates my staple look and makes me feel the most confident. My personal style is always changing, and the hope is it always feels authentic to where I am at the time.”


Batal's YouTube career began back when she was in college. Her vision was to create a channel about beauty, fashion, and wellness. In 2016, when she decided to start wearing a hijab, Batal deleted all of her former content to begin again.

“It has always felt like I’m taking my subscribers with me on a journey, whether it be my struggles in college, going from damaged to healthy hair, or my hijab journey,” she said. “I never imagined I’d be doing this full time. The way I create content and the content itself is always changing. But I’ve made a commitment to remain authentic to myself regardless of where I am in life, and honor that instead of following trends or what I know would perform better.”

Before she explains modest fashion, people often are given the connotation that it's a style of dress that “has to be boring.” However, Batal's number one look can shush the whole of misunderstandings about this elegant style of dress. Her standard is a pair of baggy jeans with a turtleneck, as well as Air Force 1s.


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“That’s usually my uniform, and I’ll add a blazer or switch it up with heels or whatever I’m feeling that day,” shared Batal. “I actually fell in love with fashion more when I started wearing the hijab because of the challenge of elevating looks and making trends I loved work. Fashion is personal, especially modest fashion, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful in their clothing.”

She is always considering what kind of creative content will inspire others. “I’m still finding my voice and passions,” says Batal. “But I’m grateful that sharing my journey as a young Black Muslim woman just trying to maneuver her life in LA has resonated with others who look like me.”

Information originally sourced from Bustle.