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According to Italian newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore, charm maker  Pandora may be made private due to the request of three private equity firms. The publication expanded further: “American giant KKR [and] other private equity companies such as Bain Capital and Carlyle have examined [Pandora’s] dossier. [Pandora] is a perfect target for private equity companies interested in re-launching a company in temporary crisis.”

“As I understand the story in Italian media, it is about some private equity funds looking at Pandora,” said the company's spokesperson, Johan Melchior, in a statement to JCK. “Obviously, you will need to ask them about that. If we were to receive a bid, we would follow the rules and requirements for how listed companies must disclose such matters to the stock market.”

Pandora became public in 2010, but even with a 1.8 billion IPO, the company has had a difficult time in nabbing investors. The business's stock took another massive hit when CEO (since 2015) Anders Colding Friis resigned from his position last month with no prospects for someone to succeed him as of yet.