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A big trend on the Hollywood red carpet lately has been the consistent appearance of a certain slithery motif: the serpent. 

We're sure you're no stranger to snake imagery in Hollywood. Britney Spears did wear a gigantic yellow python as an accessory during a VMA performance, after all. And it's a fact, there are many celebrities known to be "snakes in the grass". Still, Hollywood continues to take their portrayals as snakes pretty liberally AND literally.

Below, some recent appearances of that exotic creature we love to fear, realized in fine jewelry and LOTS of diamonds.


Charlize Theron wore a subtle and delicate Jacquie Aiche to a Hollywood Foreign Press Event.


Shay Mitchell in Belladora serpent earrings.



New Batwoman, Ruby Rose, wore a stunning Bulgari coil serpent bracelent, accented in emerald and diamonds.


Michelle Yeoh wore a Bulgari diamond coil bracelet to the Crazy Rich Asians premiere.


Fiona Xie wore an ever-popular diamond Bulgari serpent necklace with matching earrings to that same Crazy Rich Asians premiere.