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Having recently partnered with Nike for a design apprenticeship, Serena Williams is no stranger to fashion and its big players. The sports icon is now delving into the glamorous world of jewelry with the reveal of her latest collection simply titled Serena Williams Jewelry. The theme is equally as simple, Williams created this collection based on her admiration for the heart design, saying in an interview with Vogue, “I am obsessed with hearts. If you go back and look at photos, pretty much all my matches—99% of the time—you see me wearing some sort of heart necklace.”

Williams has always been a fan of jewelry on and off the tennis court, which has fans and sports aficionados wondering how she keeps her accessories on her person when she competes. She explains: “I remember a long, long time ago I wore this diamond star ring on my right hand that everyone looked at and was like, ‘How do you play wearing that?’ It wasn’t anything super-fancy—it had a really interesting shape; it almost looked like a starfish, but with four arms instead of five. But it was fine. I’ve always worn crazy jewelry on the court—massive rings, diamonds, necklaces. I mean, most people like jewelry, but I love jewelry.” She was referring to her first-ever self-purchased piece of jewelry when she was 17-years-old.


Her new collection features 70 pieces that range in price from $299 to $10,000, including a dog tag covered in diamonds, diamond earrings spelling out words like "SEXY" and "LOVE" as well as a bevy of rings, bracelets, necklaces and more. Her initial intent was to have these pieces designed with real silver and gold to be “price-friendly” to shoppers.


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Williams described the process for the design theme, expressing some humility, saying that “I’m not a jewelry designer, but I spent hours looking at every single piece. I’d say, ‘Let’s change the chain on this’ or ‘Let’s do a herringbone here’ or ‘Let’s do more of a classic look for this or a different finish for that.’ Right now I’m loving anything with a frosted look, like the AP watches I’ve been wearing lately," said Williams about the evolution of her tastes in jewelry. "I also love layering delicate little necklaces because by themselves they’re subtle, but when you add a few you’re making a statement. I also love layering my thin bangles with tennis bracelets—when you don’t have to stick to one style or one piece, it allows for more freedom, which I love.”

Information originally sourced from Vogue