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Serena Williams has officially released her jewelry line to the world, making it her first-ever venture into the industry. The tennis star and fashion designer has partnered up with K.P. Sangvhi, an international manufacturer of diamonds. The creators of the Serena Williams Jewelry collection has kept in mind the consumer demand for conflict-free and ethically sourced diamonds and stones.

This new jewelry line is meant to be a luxurious addition to Williams' already existing fashion line, brimming with bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. The collection features over 70 signature and core pieces of jewelry as well as statements written as "Queen" and "Winner" on some of them as well. Personalized ID necklaces and bracelets, pavé signet rings with diamonds, as well as diamond earrings are also part of the line, emblazoned with words like "lo-ve" and "se-xy."

"This collection is a beautiful celebration of the strong women in my life and around the world," said Serena Williams in the press release. "I'm so grateful for the opportunity to bring a little sparkle and joy to special moments. I hope my jewelry designs inspire people to love themselves, believe in themselves, and of course, treat themselves."

"Women see Serena as more than just a tennis player—they see her as a female icon who represents empowerment and believing in oneself," said K.P. Sanghvi Vice President, Laura Rubin. "Women of all ages love and admire her and we are excited to share this inspiring collection with them."


K.P. Sanghvi is one of the world's largest diamond and diamond jewelry manufacturers, having worked with iconic jewelry brands across the globe for over 50 years.  Guided by the insights and leadership of three generations of the Sanghvi family, K.P. Sanghvi places social responsibility at the forefront of the company values, along with integrity and quality craftsmanship.

The prices of each piece of jewelry will vary from the starting point of $299 to $9,999, with the launch premiering exclusively at select Fred Meyer Jewelers as well as Soon, the line will extend to specialty jewelry retailers across the U.S.

Information originally sourced from Salamanca Press.