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In an interview with Professional Jeweller, senior jewelry designer at Kit Heath, Joss Wyre, discusses the everyday goings on at her company and more.

When asked what it feels like to work at Kit Heath as opposed to other companies, Wyre said, "It truly feels like family. I understand the brand, its nuances and who it appeals to, and Kit Heath understands me and the value I add. My daughter is now 11 months old and the company and my friends within it have been very supportive. Their kindness has made me feel safe and secure. The brand and I have grown alongside one another."

When asked about the career opportunities at her company, Wyre said, "I am given opportunities to explore training to help me develop in new areas. I have been encouraged to spend time in the market to absorb, learn and keep pace with change. We have healthy debates and an open forum to voice ideas and get under the skin of new concepts. I have grown in confidence and with experience I have been able to express my ideas and see them come to life in the finished pieces. I am proud of the input I have had on such a successful brand."

When asked about how long she's been at Kit Heath as well as her responsibilities, Wyre said, "I joined the Kit Heath design team in 2008 and worked with them for six years before heading to London. I then re-joined their London team before returning to Devon to start a family. I have worked with Kit Heath for the last seven years.


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"I started out as a junior designer and am now senior jewelry designer. I have a passion for developing new concepts based on organic textures and forms, taking inspiration from both current trends and the natural beauty that surrounds me."

When asked about her average workday and what it looks like, Wyre said, "I predominantly work from home. The beauty of my role is that every day is different. It will consist of concepting, sketching, drawing up detailed designs and specification sheets, mould-making in carving wax, and fine-tuning ideas to build collections in the brand’s style."

Information originally sourced from Professional Jeweller.