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There will be a whole new vibe around graduation and camp life in 2020 with SENIA New York working on it. Those who graduate will be celebrating with a custom ring created by the jewelry startup as a way to preserve the special moments of the school year before the pandemic changed things.

SENIA has recently launched its line of customizable numerical rings. Each ring can be tailored to the wearer's wishes regarding both style and price. Shoppers can customize and build their own stack of rings. Gemstone colors can also be switched around as well as the roman numerals, engravings, and types of precious metals on the jewelry startup's website.

The significance of a special number can signify a graduation event or maybe a birthday or anniversary. Either way, the roman numerals featured on the rings make the best form of celebrating any events that are worth preserving.

Christina Senia, who is the founder, previously had a background in mechanical engineering before jumping into jewelry. She had designed her jewelry line using 3D software, which is a new way for the industry to take notice of customizable options.

"We found that personalized jewelry was not only expensive, but also was solely focused on commemorating initials and names, and not really telling a story. We wanted to create a conversation piece which had significance to the wearer, without breaking the bank, which is why we utilize a direct to consumer platform for this line," Senia said in a press release.

Each of the pieces and styles can be made with either recycled gold and/or silver. The gems themselves are conflict-free and each jewelry piece comes with a personalized carrying case in order to ensure that it stays safe and sound.

Due to the global pandemic causing shutdowns and event cancellations, all sorts of people have been jumping at the chance to get their special SENIA ring. People from all walks of life including new graduates, first-time mothers, and more are lining up.

If you or anyone you know would like to build a unique piece for a loved one, then check out

Information originally sourced from PRNewswire.