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After 23 years as director of security for Borsheims Fine Jewelry, Mike Noyes plans to retire by the end of 2018. He joined the security staff at the Omaha, Nebraska-based retailer after 20 years in the military, retiring at the rank of lieutenant colonel. His constant efforts to surpass himself were evident by the number of courses he took in private security, law enforcement, and public administration. 

He maintained a positive relationship with the company and Borsheims president and CEO Karen Goracke issued a statement regarding Noyes's departure, saying “We are a better organization, a better team, working in a safer and more secure workplace because of Mike’s guidance and influence.”

Noyes's motto during his time at Borsheims was good safety and security practices are never convenient.” Throughout his time there, he helped train a team of over 100 security officers who all went on to have successful careers private security, or public administration, and law enforcement.

Information originally sourced from JCK