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From the 1,109 ct. Lesedi La Rona, Graff Diamonds has yielded 67 gemstones ranging in size from under 1ct. to just over 100 cts. One larger "exceptional" stone will be included in the bunch, but Graff is yet to reveal the size and shape of the stone, which is still in the process of being cut and polished. As of right now, 30 of the diamonds cut from the Lesedi La Rona are being offered on the company's website as well as its stores.


The pieces currently available include an 11.12 ct. D flawless oval-cut as well as a 6.06 ct. D flawless cushion cut. The prices may be known to buyers upon their request. According to Graff Diamonds, The remaining 65 cuts will be D color and have an "exceptional" clarity.

The large diamond was purchased by Graff for $53 million last year, which was first discovered at the Botswanan Karowe mine belonging to Lucara Diamond. In the Tswana language, the name of the stone translates to "our light."