Valerie Madison is a Seattle-based artisan with a vision for fine jewelry and growing her eponymous brand. According to her, the business just celebrated its 6-year anniversary. Madison, in an interview with Seattle Refined, was asked about her brand and what kind of jewelry is made. "Here at Valerie Madison Fine Jewelry, we specialize in alternative engagement rings and wedding bands. What that means is modern brides who aren’t looking for your traditional white diamond/platinum diamond rings," she responded.

When asked to describe both 'Salt and Pepper' and 'Rose Cut' Diamonds, Madison said, "So a 'Salt and Pepper' diamond has inclusions that kind of make it kind of hazy sometimes, more gray, speckled. They’re really unique and by offering these, our clients get to have something that’s one-of-a-kind that no one else has. It’s a faceting pattern that kind of resembled a rose bud. They offer a more vintage look and we like using them because they’re definitely not common and used in more traditional jewelry."

"Well, we love using sapphires because they’re one of the gemstones that can be worn everyday," said Madison regarding the usual vibrancy of her stone selections. "Sapphires luckily come in a wide spectrum of colors, so you can get blues and teals which are really popular right now. Peaches, yellows, greens, purples, so we like using those because everyone is so individual and have their own favorite color preferences."

When asked about her current favorite jewelry piece, Madison said, "It’s really hard to choose a favorite but I can show you! If you can see, we make a really beautiful Halo ring design. Our Halo design is a really popular - that’s been super, super, popular you see it on a lot of hands and everyone makes theirs a little bit different."

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When asked about what she loves about designing jewelry, Madison said, "I love putting my mark on things. I really craved a really simple minimalist clean and well made aesthetic to adhere to. I’m able to put that into my own jewelry and it resonates with a lot of our customers."

Information originally sourced from Seattle Refined.

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