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In an interview with JCK regarding the adjustments made during the pandemic, Julie Romanenko of Scottsdale Arizona-based jewelry brand, Just Jules talked of her recent movements within the industry and more.


"We drove from Phoenix to Jackson Hole [Wyo.] twice and once to Aspen [Colo.]. They were incredibly long but gorgeous scenic drives," said Romanenko when asked about her travels during the pandemic. "During the summer drives, we were able to stop by the side of the road and get fresh fruit from farm stands, and once a melon from the back of a truck! I’m such a sucker for that kind of stuff. We drove through Palisade, Colo., during the peak of its peach season, which only lasts a few weeks in the summer. We also hit a snow/hailstorm in August and I was wearing flip-flops! I drove my husband mad singing to every song on Sirius[XM] radio."

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When asked how the pandemic impacted her business as well as what customers are looking for nowadays, Romanenko said, "I have relied less on selling through my retail partners, as they were all closed for so long, and instead focused on social media platforms. I worked harder but was really surprised by the positive results and the feedback. Overall, I think there were both positive and negative effects, which we will see for quite some time. Jewelry with meaning. Birthstone charms of those they love, as well as jewelry that can be seen on Zoom calls! Statement earrings and necklaces."


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"I am somewhat optimistic about the upcoming show—I have heard mixed reactions from the retailers I have reached out to and many are not making it to the show," said Romanenko about the upcoming Las Vegas Jewelry Show. "I am looking forward to meeting new partners and, most of all, seeing my jewelry family! I also know that there is nothing like being able to show my collections in person. Jewelry is such a tangible purchase, and nothing compares to one-on-one at a trade show. I am really not great at Zoom sales calls."

Information originally sourced from JCK.