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Throughout the jewelry industry, many are finding different ways of getting work done and staying sane through this pandemic. One example is Rebecca Moskal, founder of the LA-based PR firm Communiqué. In an interview with JCKshe discussed her current work environment and more from her and her husband's getaway in the Scotland highlands.

"I’ve worked from home since 2009, when I founded Communiqué," said Moskal regarding her work-from-home situation," so to be honest, my work environment has not changed that drastically. As we travel often, I’m used to finding a space wherever we are and making it my “office.” Given that we’re both now working from home, we have had to negotiate who makes calls from which room and when, getting creative in our tiny space!"


Moskal was then asked how Covid-19 has affected the way she conducts her business, to which she responded, "So. Many. Zoom. Calls! Which I have to admit, I do not mind. I feel like they allow participants to connect on a deeper level than in an email or even on a phone call. Getting a glimpse into someone’s home office reinforces the we’re-all-in-this-together experience of the pandemic. It’s also hard not to start a conversation or meeting without asking how someone is faring, which in normal times, we may just brush over due to time constraints. Press presentations have become a bit more challenging, as the fine details of a piece are often lost on camera, and nothing can replace the experience of trying on a piece of jewelry. But we’ve come up with creative ways to ensure our clients are gaining the exposure they deserve."


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When asked for her thoughts regarding the jewelry industry's approach to PR during the pandemic, Moskal said, "the pandemic has given us the opportunity to stop and assess, whether that’s on a personal or a professional, brand level. Companies hopefully used this time to better understand their clientele, discover how their needs and motivations may have evolved and how they are going to service this consumer within this new dynamic. Messaging needs to reflect these changes in attitude and can be conveyed through a company’s public relations strategy and efforts moving forward. A brand’s public relations is of vital importance during these times. One misstep, inappropriate, or insensitive communication, and you can alienate and permanently lose consumers. It’s all about the messaging during these times. While jewelry may not be an essential purchase, there are always going to be birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate, milestones to mark, commitments to make. People will and do need jewelry. It’s important, and we can’t lose sight of that. We just have to convey the sentiment appropriately, thus reinforcing the importance of PR!"

Information originally sourced from JCK.