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Next week will kick off the long-awaited New York City Jewelry Week, where artists and educators will broaden the world's knowledge on the craft. In an effort to bring more attention to aspiring young creatives within the industry, the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will have a pop-up at Industry West's flagship in SoHo. The store will feature pieces from over 20 alumni and students of the college, allowing them to showcase their work to event attendees, who can purchase these uniquely made pieces as well as learn about the school's leading program centered around jewelry. 

The cofounders of NYCJW Bella Neyman and JB Jones sat down to be interviewed by SCAD founder and president Paula Wallace, courtesy of WWD. The three of them discuss the weeklong event as well as the growing and depleting trends often observed in the fluctuating jewelry market. 

When Wallace asked about the pair's reasons in starting the NYCJW, Neyman responded, "NYCJW was inspired by a multitude of conversations that we had with independent jewelers, museum curators, retailers, and educators. Many of them expressed the same sentiment — that they were looking for more consumer exposure. Even curators, who aren’t selling anything, were interested in drawing a wider audience to their programming.

Given that, as a director of a jewelry gallery, I often traveled abroad for international jewelry events and fairs, I really thought that an event like that in New York could be quite successful," continued Neyman. "JB and I have been working together for some time and are very passionate about supporting creatives. We have been eager to start our own business, and this seemed like the perfect project. We hope that NYCJW grows into a cultural event in this city in the same way that fashion week has. We hope that it continues to be relevant for the industry but, most importantly, for the consumers."

NYCJW's attendance numbers are estimated to reach a population of over 10,000. The visitors are surely looking forward to a wonder-filled week of tours, exhibitions, panels, and educational events that NYCJW has to offer.

Information originally sourced from WWD.