Royal Chain is bringing back yellow gold jewelry with a fascinating new ad campaign for 2019, donning models in “relatable real-life streetwear” that harkens back to 80s and 90s fashion. 

“The way gold jewelry is being marketed today is a big departure from the past," said Royal Chain Vice President of Marketing Phillip Gabriel Maroof. "2018 witnessed the resurgence of fashion brands like Versace and Moschino with all of their gold hardware presented in a casual-luxury way, so the new ad campaign is a breath of fresh air, especially for an industry that has traditionally played it very safe in advertising."

The company, in accordance with consumer demand, will be releasing a brand new gold jewelry collection later this year. The vast array of 14k gold pieces will range in price from $500 to $9,000 at retail. Look for the newest collection from Royal Chain when it drops this summer.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.

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