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There's a new viral video sweeping Facebook and the internet alike. It's a video of hand engraver Bram Ramon (bramramon_engraver on Instagram) working his magic on a Rolex Submariner.

The clip, about five minutes long, takes us on a journey through the seemingly endless details involved in hand engraving.

Watch it below!

And while lots of Rolex customers might choose after market diamonds as their personalization of choice, we're kind of digging the unique touch involved in hand engraving.

Bram Ramon posts regular watch transformations on his Instagram account. Check out all those details on a Patek Philippe!



Of course, others might be scratching their heads as to why one would meddle with the flawlessness of a Rolex Submariner or Patek. Different (engraving) strokes for different folks!

What are your thoughts on this process? Do you prefer to keep your watches austere or do you like giving it a personal touch?

Let us know down below!