Ridley Scott's latest film The Last Duel has seen the rise of actress Jodie Comer's star, as she acted alongside Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Ben Affleck. Draped in expensive jewelry and clothes, she was interview by Harpers Bazaar about her look and the red carpet experience.


When asked to explain her hair and make-up for the special evening, Comer said, "We were going more for an 'eye' tonight, which is nice and the shades really complement the shade of pink of the suit, which is really beautiful. Then, with their hair, we've gone for the hair that you always want; where it looks like you’ve made no effort but you've actually made so much effort and all we've been doing is working on it. The hair is slightly tucked in the suit, too."


Comer was then asked how she feels about red carpet events post-lockdown, to which she said, "After that experience, I was like, 'I want to celebrate these events' and the way I can celebrate them fully is by feeling like myself. Yes, I want to explore fashion but I also want to feel like Jodie and go out in front of a crowd of people and be able to present myself as me... but just a bit more sparkly. It makes you realize that actually these events are a cause for celebration and to not get so wrapped up in the nerves or the expectation and just try and enjoy it."


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When asked which red carpet events she enjoyed the most, Comer said, "Probably my most recent one at The Last Duel premiere in Venice, when I wore the Alaia dress. I felt so lucky to be able to wear a dress like that and have it handmade, and also for the film, it just felt like such a huge moment. It also paid homage to the outfit in the film. When Marguerite is at the duel, she has a costume which has a very similar neckline which Elizabeth picked up on immediately, which I really respected.

"I also felt confident and present in myself. The dress was quite sheer in a lot of places and I usually run away from that, but I guess I've grown up and feel comfortable in my skin in a way in which I hadn't before. So I think it was a moment for me, personally."

Information originally sourced from Harpers Bazaar.


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