Fortrove News

Richard Hayes has been named the new president of Stuttgart, Arkansas-based jewelry liquidation company, Wilkerson. Hayes was hired by former president Bobby Wilkerson 32 (1986) years ago, and the announcement of Wilkerson's replacement by his long-time employee came about on Tuesday.

In a press release, Hayes talked of his success to growing up in a family business. The environment allowed him to learn a strong work ethic as well as teamwork. “That’s how I lead—as a team member," said Hayes. "I believe all employees have a place on the team, and their contribution is important. That’s what makes the company so successful.”

The company has 40 in-house employees, 65 consultants nationwide, and in the last 48 years, they have overseen more than 6,000 jewelry store sales. Hayes is a Stuttgart native and will be seeing to Wilkerson's event services pertaining to national jewelry sales, as well as retail and merchandising.