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Signet Jewelers had announced last week that Rebecca Wooters had been given the chief digital officer position. She is the first person to ever have that title at Signet.

Wooters will be overseeing digital strategy at every part of the company, including both in Canada and the UK. However, James Allen will be functioning on its own as a retailer site with chief digital innovation adviser Oded Edelman still manning his position.

Wooters had previously spent a dozen years with Citigroup as its chief customer experience officer and head of digital experience for the global consumer bank.

“People are working differently and they are buying differently and we think that change is here to stay,” she says. “We’re going to ensure that we have the right model to support that.”

“People are starved for time," said Wooters, who is looking to make the Signet website a "frictionless," "seamless," and "clear, easy experience for consumers."

"They don’t have a lot of patience for kinks in the process, and that’s why it’s so important to make sure that our digital experiences are extremely intuitive, so no one has to necessarily explain to a customer how to do it. They will know what to do, and it’s obvious and easy.

“We really want to understand things like search and navigation and how we present results to customers," she continues. "We need to look at the actual journey as far as what our customers are doing with us and think about those experiences and the ones that we want to create.”

Virtual appointments are also being implemented in the new strategy with more than 100,000 appointments with sales consultants booked in such a short amount of time.

“That is still a fairly low percentage of the total [online] customers. By and large, customers do prefer self-service at our website. But we are seeing a change in how consumers seek advice, and that’s why we believe in the virtual consultants," says Wooters. 

Although customers have always been wary of buying jewelry pieces online, Wooters is looking to change the way the digital jewelry shopping market caters to the needs of consumers.

Information originally sourced from JCK.