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Members of the jewelry industry are doing their best to cope with this pandemic, as well as stay-at-home orders. Actress, Model, and owner of Los Angeles-based jewelry line Charlie Dolly Rebecca Romijn has given her experience in an interview with JCK.


"Starting a fine jewelry line right before lockdown wasn’t ideal (we launched in February)," said Romijn regarding how the quarantine has impacted Charlie Dolly. "I’m thrilled to report that we are still able to fulfill orders. And even though I expected nothing, amazingly, we have had a few! Charlie Dolly is handmade in Los Angeles with a two-to-three-week lead time, so I don’t keep much inventory. I’m not going anywhere, either is the collection, and I’m happy to wait it all out."


When asked if her time during quarantine has been productive, the designer said, "Right before quarantine, I was starting to work with sapphires and adding more color to the collection. I also had a couple prototypes made that I’ve been wearing all through quarantine. My favorite is this double threader with baguettes. You sew it through two holes. It’s comfortable to sleep in and gorgeous and casual for everyday. I never take it off."

She was then asked if COVID-19 has changed any future plans regarding her business: "In general, the pandemic has temporarily changed our relationship with time," Romijn replied. "I’m not ever in a hurry these days. For example, I’ve been enjoying baths instead of showers. I’m trying to apply that to all aspects of my life right now. We’ve become so accustomed to immediate gratification, and this is a nice reminder to be in it for the marathon, not the sprint. I’m practicing patience and keeping the faith that the pendulum will swing back to exactly where it needs to be, however long that may take."


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Regarding what will be necessary for jewelry consumers after the pandemic has gone, Romijn said that "We will have a bruised economy for a while. I’m not expecting many people to have disposable income to spend on fine jewelry for a long time. I’m happy to announce that we are able to recycle existing stones, with either my designs or something the client designs. As we all do our closet/junk drawer/storage clean outs, I’m hoping customers will also clean out their jewelry boxes and breathe new life into their jewelry. Putting on something fresh and sparkly is a real pick-me-up!"

Information originally sourced from JCK.