Actress Rebecca Romijn has been at work on her newest venture into fashion, jewelry design. Her newly established brand, Charlie Dolly is a fine jewelry "passion project" named after her two twin 11-year-old daughters (whom she had with actor Jerry O'Connell) Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose. 

“My daughters are old enough that they were not just giving me the space and time to following my passion, but they were encouraging, and actually sketching their own designs,” says Romijn to PEOPLE at the Charlie Dolly launch event in NYC. “The sketchbook for my designs came in a pack of three, and the girls said, ‘Mom, we want one.’ So I handed them each a sketchbook, and the three of us spent a couple weekends just laying around sketching jewelry designs.”



The actress says that her daughters have a very solid grasp of "aesthetic" and their design contributions will surely be ideas for products in the future. “I have over 100 designs myself, but they also have great designs. They have a couple of really nice rings that I want to create next,” she said.

Charlie Dolly's inventory features a wide array of bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces with floating diamond designs. Each of the latter pieces was created using a new technology that laser cuts diamonds without a setting, but leaves the chain hanging from the stone itself.

“The idea sparked in my mind in my mid-20s when I fell in love with fine jewelry for the first time,” the actress explains. “I would get frustrated with a lot of jewelry settings, and I had this fantasy of loose diamonds without settings, and thought, ‘Why can’t they put a hole in a diamond?’ I just want to cut to the chase. I just want the diamond.”

“Besides the timing being right, I was excited to have something that feels slightly new to market to offer,” added Romijn. “There’s a very casual bohemian, slightly sexy rock ‘n’ roll vibe, but still very elegant aspect about it.”

The collection at Charlie Dolly has pieces that range in price from $550 to $9000 and can be found on location or at

Information originally sourced from PEOPLE.

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