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Vastupal Ranka is the Director of Rare Jewels. He recently sat down with The Interview Times to discuss how his business started, as well as plans for the future.

"Rare Jewels came about as a concept to appeal to our customers’ senses with rare jewelry and made with great care to last a lifetime for its craftsmanship and unique designs," said Ranka regarding when he decided to start his business. "Rare Jewels is all about gemstones and regal patterns that appeal to the Indian heart. We make exceptional and custom pieces for customers. We have pieces that are kept for inspiration, so anyone who aspires to be a class-apart can make their own desired ideas into jewelry pieces that are truly their expression."


When asked how Ranka's experience with Rare Jewels has been thus far, he said, "Rare Jewels has been coming up with a variety of collections throughout the year. Many of our collections are based on customers’ demand. Our patrons have very kindly trusted our year-long journey and shown faith in the Ranka legacy we proudly carry. They have given us the chance to showcase some of the countries most outstanding designs. We’ve adorned brides that have celebrated their entire wedding with our jewelry pieces not only for them but for the entire family on both the groom and bride’s side. It has been a delightful year, and we look forward to adventurous and many more Rare designs to be made."


"Rare Jewels have come up with one of its best Fleur collection, inspired by flowers and nature," said Ranka when asked which products are a must-buy. "The collection consists of bracelets, earrings, chokers with modern and contemporary designs. This exclusive collection was elegantly designed for casual occasions. Also, we have our Rare wedding collection, which is a combination of engagement, Haldi, and bridal jewelry. It is an extraordinary collection of jewelry pieces that will leave you stunned and dreaming of a dreamland decked with precious gemstones."


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When asked about future plans, Ranka said, "At Rare Jewels, we strive to extend our customers’ support with trendy and customized jewelry. We will ensure to make pieces that our customers will treasure for the rest of their life. We are optimistic about the coming times where the jewelry will have more meaning for one’s self-expression. We want to bring that expression to life."

Information originally sourced from The Interview Times.