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Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands visited Kensington Palace for a state dinner this past week.


The Royals showed up in their  white-tie attire and met with much pageantry for the event. There's more to all this fanciness, though. 

The Queen is engaging in what has been coined "Brexit strategy" where members of the royal family either visit EU countries, or their heads visit the UK, all in a bid to strengthen their friendships before Britain steps out of the EU. 

Of course, diplomacy can still call for diamonds, right?


Queen Maxima showed up in the full version of the Stuart Tiara, featuring the crown jewel of the piece, a 40-carat, pear shaped, rose-cut diamond that hasn't been seen for many years. 

She also wore the large “House Diamond” stomacher/brooch and the diamond earrings that belong with the set of jewels Juliana regularly wore with the Stuart Tiara.


What do you think about Queen Maxima's tiara? We think it might be one of our favorites, ever.