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Queen Letizia of Spain made headlines recently after getting into a public spat with her mother in law, Queen Sophia of Spain. The two were spotted engaging in near literal hand-to-hand combat on Easter, and it's safe to say it's the most exciting thing to happen since Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle. That being said, it was also an inappropriate exhibit on the holy holiday, and many scoffed as well.


Since the tense tiff, Queen Letizia has been seen out and about as if nothing happened, completing her royal duties. Recently, she welcomed the president of Portugal to the royal palace. Adorning her head was a Cartier tiara favored by the former Queen consort on many formal occassions.

The Daily Mail speculates that wearing the tiara means the women have put their differences behind them and that the crown symbolizes a peace offering from Queen Sofia. 


We're a little skeptical. Maybe the crown actually means Queen Letizia is making a bold statement that she can wear anything she wants, even the former Queen consort's favorite jewelry, without consent, since she is the reigning Queen? Is it rebellion in the face of her mother-in-law? A way to bring attention to her new powerful role to spite the retired Queen?

What are your thoughts on Queen Letizia wearing the tiara? Is it a peace offering or an acknowledgment of her new power? Comment down below!