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As a sign of collaboration and diplomacy, France and Denmark came together in an unexpected way to create an astoundingly beautiful piece of art. A tiara to be exact.

Princess Marie of Denmark worked with French house Mauboussin ahead of Emmanuel Macron's visit to Denmark on this stunning headpiece. 

The tiara was revealed at a state dinner on August 28. Never before seen, the white gold tiara houses 13.15 in diamonds and 13.58 in sapphires. The pinnacle of the piece is a gorgeous 6.82 Ceylon blue sapphire. The name for this astonishing piece? Fittingly: Nuit Claires (Clear Nights in English). 

The Princess honored her French heritage and sought to strengthen the already close ties of France and Denmark during the diplomatic visit.

This piece was certainly one way to show strength and beauty in these chaotic times.