To celebrate the release of her collection with Chopard, popstar Mariah Carey expanded on the motif of butterflies and more. 

When asked if the butterfly motif was her idea, Carey said, “When we first started talking about partnering, "All I Want For Christmas" was about to receive a diamond certification, so I thought they'd want to do something Christmas-y. Then, the Chopard team stated the obvious — the butterfly. It also made sense because this year is the 25th anniversary of Butterfly, which is my most personal album. It's the body of work that I'm the most proud of as an artist, a producer and a writer. So it was just sort of kismet.”  

When asked if the meaning of butterflies has changed in the past 25 years for her, Carey said, “I don't acknowledge time, so it's 25 seconds, 25 minutes, whatever we want to call it. Seriously, after going through what I had to go through to even create the Butterfly album and to break free from that's part of my 25 years and that's kind of unbelievable. It represents so much to me as just a human being and particularly as a woman.” 

 “The more, the better,” said Carey when asked what her motto is about jewelry. “You can stack the more everyday pieces in this collection. Even my daughter [Monroe, 11] is living for that. She cannot wait to get some of the bracelets. She wants to be a designer one day, so this was really inspirational for her. I think she really felt like her dreams were attainable.” 


When asked which piece in the collection was her favorite, Carey said, “The butterfly necklace — it's so symbolic. Caroline Scheufele, the Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, and I were on the phone just riffing while she was sketching it out. It was like when people come to the studio and we're creating something and they're watching it happen. She sent me the sketch and I'm going to frame it. But first I really need someone to come help me figure out my closet.”  

Information originally sourced from YahooNews. 


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