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In an interview with Elle, pop star Charli XCX talks of her latest moves in the music industry as well as collaborating with Pandora Jewelry.


When asked if she layers her jewelry at home like she does on stage, Charli XCX said, "Kind of. I am really a fan of layering jewelry and I’ll always wear a couple of necklaces: maybe five, maybe two. I’m more maximalist with it, which I think is why I really like the Pandora ME collection, because there are a lot of options for how you can wear the jewelry: you can layer it, and it looks really good together. You can customize it, there’s a chunkiness to it which I really like... and you can add charms, or take them away. I can go from daily life to a show and customize the jewelry to fit my mood, which is what I really like about the collection."


The artists was then asked about her latest work with stylist Chris Horan, to which she explained. "Chris and I just clicked immediately. I think he was a fan of my music, and I was a fan of his work, so it was just a match made in heaven. I wanted to explore something a little more elevated. I’m a messy girl; I like to party and go out and have fun. Sometimes I need to rein it in a bit with my style as well because it can be a little hectic, but it’s just who I am and it’s what I like. Chris can enhance that part of me and also show me more chic things that I love. But, essentially, the reason that I think we work well together is he gets that I’m an individual and I have my own vibe. He doesn’t treat me like a cookie-cutter version of someone to dress, and that is really important to who I am—self-expression and individuality. That goes across all the things that I do, whether it’s my music, partnering with Pandora, or my relationship with my friends. It’s all about being true to yourself and unique and individual."


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When asked what's next for her, Charli XCX said, "First is the launch of the Pandora ME campaign, which will be coming with a song that I made for the campaign. That will be another little snippet of music. And then the music, I suppose... it’s just high-octane pop; it’s everything that you want from the best pop star ever—that’s how I’m seeing it. How I would describe the sound or the future is: dangerous, volatile, sexy, empowering."

Information originally sourced from Elle.