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JWP and ASHITA have begun a collaborative effort that will combine both jewelry and the art of poetry. The combined effort will see holiday shoppers receive an original Jenna Wolf poem with a jewelry purchase.

According to a statement from Tanisha Uttamchandani, Brand Strategist at ASHITA, “JWP and ASHITA’s collaboration highlights our desire to work with creative entrepreneurs that share similar values of self-reflection, acceptance, expression and authenticity. Our customers will enjoy having an option to make their gift extra special by including something so unique and thoughtful.”


Launched in 2020, ASHITA is a luxury jewelry company that handcrafts colorful, fine jewelry in New York City. ASHITA is known for its signature product - The Brooklyn Band 14k gold and enamel ring. ASHITA is eager to share its mission for providing ethically made, fair priced jewelry that sacrifices nothing in providing beauty in all of their pieces. ASHITA’s 'One to Love, One to Give' campaign gives customers the opportunity to purchase an anklet whereby all proceeds would go towards sponsoring a prosthetic limb for someone in need at the Prosthetics for Change organization. For more information about ASHITA, visit their website at

About Jenna Wolf Poetry

Jenna Wolf is a New York City-based writer, poet and founder of Jenna Wolf Poetry (JWP). Her work focuses on the existential ruminations of the mind and heart through short and long-form poetry. She published her first poetry book, For Having Felt At All, when she was 20 years old, telling the story of one woman’s journey through life’s hardships to find self-love, acceptance and forgiveness. Poetry has always served as an outlet for Jenna, helping her push through difficult moments and discover that true spiritual growth is a lifelong process, and begins with awareness and unconditional love for every part of who we are. She created personalized poems as a way to help her readers give the gift of poetry to their loved ones. Jenna also just launched their Dig Deeper project, which is a series of stickers supporting mental health. Previously JWP has most prominently collaborated with Dream Hotel Group, and Alex Brown along with many others.

Information originally sourced from Digital Journal.