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Marino Pesavento launched his fine jewelry brand in 1992 along with his creative and managing director Chiara Carli. Recently, founder of forecasting company TrendVision, Paolo De Luca, most likely referenced the Pesavento brand when she spoke of pieces that made the techniques of layering, mixing and matching relevant.

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Pesavento's recent Intreccio design (English for "interweaving") combines different facets of the layering technique, as some pieces weave strands of rose gold plated silver into pliable bangles. A major feature that the designer implemented includes an embellishment called “Polvere di Sogni,” or “dust of dreams,” which incorporates black or bronze reflective carbon micro particles that gives a small glittering accent to each piece of jewelry.

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The brand's Spring DNA collection has been given a “Polvere di Sogni” as well, lining their multiple flexible strands of rose gold-plated sterling silver with a layer of shine. Sold in 1000 boutiques on a global scale, Pesavento retails between $150 and $1,500.