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In an interview with The Incline, Cat Luck, owner of Collarbone Jewelry, discusses the inspirations behind each of her designs and more.

Cat Luck: "I have two jewelry lines. Collarbone Jewelry has 'a story with every piece.' Cat Luck represents 'as luck would have it,' said Cat Luck when asked what inspires her jewelry designs. "They are essentially yin and yang. The two lines encompass both, because we all have two sides of us as humans. It’s all about trying to come together as a balance. Collarbone is my fashion jewelry line; I have pieces at $28 and up to make it more affordable and accessible. The Collarbone line is about traveling, inspiration, trusting the universe, living the dream, and following your heart. More free spirited, similar to what I did traveling the country. The metals I use for this line are brass, bronze, raw stones, and freshwater pearls. I want the collection to have a soul connection because, for me, it’s not about the money. The Cat Luck line is more minimal. It is more structured and linear. It’s more about thinking about it before you do it, as opposed to Collarbone’s leap before you look. I had to use a higher skill set that I wasn’t familiar with until I came to Pittsburgh and went to jewelry school. I would call it art jewelry, which is a little more high end. It all starts at $50 and goes higher. The metals for this are sterling silver, 14k gold, gold plated, and more."

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When asked why jewelry had been the particular craft that inspired her, Luck said, "It can mean so many things. For one thing, I like that it can be sentimental. It has been used since the beginning of time for so many different things like ceremony, to show promise of love, to mourn, and to celebrate a baby’s life. Jewelry plays such a significant role in all sorts of life; it’s an expression form. Not only does it represent, it can show a unique personality and be used as a gift to show feelings for somebody. People can know what you are about, your lineage, or your culture based on your jewelry."

Information originally sourced from The Incline.