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The worlds of art, fashion and jewelry are often intertwined, no better exhibited than Paloma Picasso and her legacy of unique opulence and avant garde flair. Paloma once said, of her younger years: "I used to spend hours drawing next to him." Yet, she often had to set herself apart by dressing with such exuberance that there was less focus on her last name.
This, in turn, seeped into her own career. As she grew into her own, Ms. Picasso began training as a goldsmith, not surprisingly going into jewelry design and later creating unique pieces of jewelry for Yves Saint Laurent, famous couturier. Laurent famously attributed the 40's styling of his 1971 Scandal collection to Picasso. One need only look at the "Seventie's Chic" styling of the collection, from turbans to reinvented flea market "vintage" looks, to note the influence Picasso had on the times.
What started as hand-sodering sculpted wings and shooting stars in her Paris Loft grew into her limited edition undertaking with Zolatas. The pinnacle and true beginning of the Paloma Picasso jewelry art we know it today arrived in 1979. Her collaboration with the one and only Tiffany & Company is a classic and continued success, featuring sculpted pieces as well as mainstay loopy scripts and iconic "X's".
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