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Christine Philip has officially launched Global Glam, a lifestyle magazine and online retail store. After her time in the jewelry industry and in other professions she finally landed in a career that suits her. In an interview with Gotham, she talks of why she felt Global Glam was the best next step and more.

When asked how Philip knew she wanted to get into this type of business, she said, "I’ve explored different ideas and as a result started a few small businesses. I additionally worked in many sectors to figure out what I’m passionate about. So, I recommend exploring different facets of what you may enjoy doing, and suddenly, it will all make sense. I think my ‘Leo’ persona is very much attributed to this. I’m not the type to sit back and relax; I have to be doing something. I like working, and whenever I can, mixing business with pleasure."

When Philip was asked about how the pandemic affected her business, she said, "Well, when the pandemic hit, my business was affected, like many others. When things started shutting down in New York city, I flew to be with my family in Naples, Florida. Aside from being, for the most part, an open state, my entire family is in healthcare which was scary time; my brother is an emergency medicine physician, my father works in an urgent care, and my mother in the health department, so I wanted to help in any way I could even if it was emotional support while they were slammed. During this crazy time, I also built an ecommerce arm for Global Glam as the shift was moving toward online. My in-person sample sales became non-existent; no one was willing to go to crowded sample sales in tight spaces. I made a decision to move our sample sale concept online and launched Global Glam Magazine actually saw benefits from the pandemic as an online magazine, and our advertisements and sponsored posts took market share from print media."



"Success is not an end game," said Philip when asked for her personal definition of the word. "It is maintaining what you aimed to achieve in the first place. True success in my personal opinion, is defined in your personal life, something I need to pay more attention to. When I look at my parents or my brother and the family they have built, to me, that is true success."

Information originally sourced from Gotham.