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In an interview with Forbes, Shelley Sanders, founder of The Last Line jewelry brand, discusses the aesthetic of her company as it ventures into tableware.

When asked what her go-to jewelry look is, Sanders said, "If I’m being honest, most days it depends on my mood and how much time I have to gather myself before school drop off. Most of the time I’m testing samples to see how they wear and mix with our current pieces. It’s a difficult job, but somebody’s gotta do it! Without fail, I’m always wearing earrings, normally diamonds and usually a mix of styles, everything from classic hoops to something with a drop and an ear cuff (or three) to bring it all together.


"For me, I feel most comfortable when I’m wearing jewelry. I love to wear vintage Levi's, a t-shirt, and make it unique with my jewelry. I like jewelry that can be worn day to night and in many different ways. I work my outfit around my jewelry, where for many women jewelry is the finishing touch."


When asked her opinion on what the signature piece is for The Last Line, Sanders said, "I’d say we’re less about a specific style and more about personality and individuality. We love color as much as the classics and aren’t afraid to mix it up. It’s not about one piece but more so how women are wearing our pieces. Jewelry can be very personal. I love hearing people’s stories about their different pieces, where they came from, the significance of the piece, who gave it to them, and for what occasion."


When asked what makes The Last Line different from other jewelry lines, Sanders said, "I don’t want to speak for other brands, but one thing that is just as important as the product we are presenting is how. We have always set out to build a brand and the secondary is the products we sell, even if they appear first. We have been extremely thoughtful in our design, from the stickers in our orders, to how we shoot for the website, to the design of the stores. It all flows together, which made our expansion into home super organic. When we opened our first pop-up, we designed the experience to feel like a home from top to bottom, and everyone loved it — they were transported into our world which was a little more colorful and a lot more fun. Right away, we started getting questions about where people could buy the custom pieces we made for the space, and I realized how similar home décor and dining really are to jewelry. 


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"Our designs are multigenerational and there is something for every style, price, and preference. The idea that these pieces can be passed down is really something I love, I want it to be in every woman’s jewelry box. I love that with just The Last Line you could build your ultimate jewelry box. We have the staples you have been searching for but couldn’t find done perfectly until now, which is something I work really hard on in design. While the technical elements of design aren’t as glamorous to talk about as the stones and sparkle, they are so important to me and the line. The size and fit options we provide for each style is super unique, I engineer each piece to fit the body perfectly and exactly. We encourage individuality, we offer all earrings individually so you can mix and match to your preference and offer multiple colors and sizes which simply was not happening before we started. And ultimately, we’re direct to the consumer so there isn’t a retail markup, so everyone can get a little more, which is never a bad thing with fine jewelry! We will never make our pieces smaller or daintier so that they can be called fine or hit a certain price bracket, we are committed to expertly crafted pieces that are made to last."

Information originally sourced from Forbes.