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Designer Mackenzie Weise calls her work "mindful jewelry," pieces that not only shine and are aesthetically pleasing but make the wearer feel so much more.

“Whether that piece represents strength or that piece represents creativity or appreciation for mother Earth you know when you look at it you think about that,” said Weise to Click Orlando. “So that helps the pieces to be used as tools to keep you in a mindful place.”

Kenzie Weise Jewels was founded three years ago by Weise herself in Orlando. Working out of her home, Weise creates each of her pieces by hand. Her primary objective with her jewelry is more than simple adornment, but revealing an inner beauty to be felt by whoever wears her pieces.

“These are pieces that you wear that go just a step beyond your outer appearance it’s not just something you just adorn yourself with but it is something that represents something to you when you look at it,” she explained. “It takes your mind back to what that representation is and it continues to do that throughout the day as you wear it.”



“Copper is used in a lot of our body physiology bodily functions. It’s even what helps pigment in the skin with all types of systems in the body and we can’t survive with it,” Weise said regarding her consistent use of the metal in her designs. “I try to work with materials that are raw, natural materials and that just felt like it was closer to home.”

While she loves designing jewelry, Weise is also an epidemiologist. When explaining her dual lifestyle to her sons, she stresses the importance of wearing more than one hat and doing more than one thing.

”I definitely explain to them that mommy’s jewelry business is her own business because I want my boys to grow up understanding the importance of being a business owner, creating different streams of income for your household and feeling free to do that and not feeling boxed in like you have to work for an employer, retire and that’s it.”

“Just know that you can do it," said Weise, advising aspiring business owners. "There is no reason to just sit and dream about it and not act if it is really something on your heart. There is no reason not to push that forward.”

Information originally sourced from Click Orlando.